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What is Dal?



Dal is a tasty dish made of lentils/pulses cooked with a variety of spices.


What are the health benefits of dal?


In many cultures dal and rice is a staple food. It is high in protein, low in fat and a good source of dietary fiber. Lentils and rice when eaten together form a complete protein.

Where is our product made and sourced?


Our lentils and spices are purchased from an organic co-op in India which buys from small local organic farms. We hand blend and pack our products in Australia.

Why are all our products organic?


This is one of those controversial topics where you’ll find evidence to support whatever view you hold. Our view is pretty simple:

  • We think eating organic is better for your health

  • It tastes better

  • And it’s better for the environment

We have been blown away by the quality difference between organic and non organic spices.

When can I start feeding dal to my child?


Once babies have started solids they can eat baby dal. It is a combination of rice and dal the  consistency should be soft and porridge like.

Here's a link with more detailed information about feeding solids to your baby.