What is Ayurveda?


The original source of many of today’s natural therapies, Ayurveda is hailed as the ‘mother of all healing sciences’. Born from Ancient Indian wisdom, Ayurveda focuses on inspiring individuals to heal rapidly and easily with the aid of natural resources such as herbs, compounds, diet, nutrition, body therapies, counselling and lifestyle adjustments.

Philosophically: holistic medicine.

Scientifically: the one that is constantly being proven by modern science.

Effectively: the art of blissful living and science of complete healing.

Geographically: Indian medicine.

Historically: the oldest medicine.

Ecologically: the most sustainable medicine.

Ayurveda is about feeling the pulse of nature and following those vibrations to every aspect of our life. The result is a blissful, rich, sustainable life.
— Dr. Rama Prasad